Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bugtussle: Fact or Fiction?

This afternoon Cindy, my co-worker and loyal blog reader, asked me to settle a bet she had with her significant other Paul, about where the Clampetts of Beverly Hillbillies fame originated. The answer, of course, is Bugtussle (for the record, Paul was right). To be honest, I didn't know for sure that they were from Bugtussle. I only remembered that the Clampetts often referred to a town by that name back home. Other towns mentioned include Oxford AK (remember the episode where Jethro proudly proclaimed he went to school at Oxford?), Sibley, Silver Dollar City, Eureka Springs, Hooterville and Pixley (the last two played an important role in producer Paul Henning's other rural comedies Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

I decided to do some research and it turns out that Bugtussle (or a variation thereof) is the name of at least three real towns:

Bugtussle, Oklahoma

Bugtussle Kentucky

Bug Tussle, Alabama

Oxford, AK, Eureka Springs, AK and Sibley, MO are real too. Silver Dollar City is a theme park in Branson, MO (Paul Henning was a native of Independence, MO and apparently referenced real places in Missouri and Arkansas.). I also found a Pixley in California and Illinois. I'm pretty sure that Hooterville is not real.

This ends today's geography lesson. Cindy, you need to watch more classic television.


  1. You have missed the point, Hooterville is less a physical destination one can find than a state of mind ...

  2. And what exactly is the metaphysical Hooterville like? No, I'm pretty sure it's a real place but I think they've changed the name...have you visited Hillsdale lately? We've got quite the collection of characters round these parts. The only thing missing are the three hot daughters and the intelligent pig.

  3. The community of Bugtussle, outside of Eureka Springs, AR is closer to Clifty, AR

  4. And now for the rest of the story - Let it go on the record - that when Mike gave the same answer as Paul had without even a moments hesitation - I - being the incorrect one- called my significant other and told him he was "right". And now I am haunted by Bug Tussels everywhere!!