Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"A hot dog makes her lose control..."

Here's the theme song from The Patty Duke Show -the early 60's TV classic starring Patty Duke in two roles as Patty Lane (All-American teenage girl), and her identical twin British cousin Cathy Lane (that's right - her identical twin cousin; anything was possible in the wacky world of 60's sticoms).

I'm sorry but I can't listen to the line "a hot dog makes her lose control" without laughing. I have a friend who has a theory that (in most cases) the male emotional development stops at the age of 14. I suppose this proves his case.

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  1. Been watching PATTY DUKE SHOW reruns at 530 AM on the THIS channel lately. First time I've seen them in decades and I'm amazed by how modern seeming they are sometimes. Even a touch or two of seventies "relevance." I always had a crush on Cathy!