Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

My favorite Irish TV Characters...

Chief O'Hara

Gotham City Chief of Police as played by actor Stafford Repp. Best line: "Kawabunga Begora"

Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke

19th Century Cavalry Con-Artist played by Forrest Tucker on the 1960's TV Classic F Troop. Two things worth noting about Tucker: 1. He actually served in the US Cavalry prior to WWII (but he was discharged when it was discovered he was underage) 2. He is reputed to have had one of the largest penises in Hollywood (only Wrangler Jane knows for sure).

Captain Jack McCarthy

Real life NYC area TV Personality, announcer and host of The Popeye Show which aired on WPIX-TV Channel 11 every weekeday afternoon at 3:00 ("Three Bells and all is well").

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