Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Ricky (and Desi Jr. Too!)

Here's something I didn't know...

60 year ago today, on Monday, January 19, 1953, 44 million viewers (72% of all homes with televisions at the time) tuned into I Love Lucy to watch everyone's favorite redhead give birth.  On the same day in the real world, comedienne Lucille Ball (who played Lucy Ricardo of course) gave birth to Desi Arnaz Jr.  The real birth occurred  twelve hours before the TV show aired.  This was no coincidence;  in a move that would impress Don Draper,  Lucy and hubby Desi scheduled the cesarean delivery to coincide with the broadcast.  The episode, "Lucy Goes To The Hospital" was actually filmed on November 14, 1952.  America really did love Lucy and the sex of the Ricardos' baby was the subject of much speculation, but  remained a secret until the episode aired. 

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