Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Mambo!

Today, a brief look back at the dance craze that swept the nation during the 1950s - the Mambo!

Cuban Band Leader Perez Prado, known as The King of Mambo, is usually credited with popularizing the dance. Here he is with his orchestra performing their #1 Hit Patricia (which is a cha-cha not a mambo). By the way, the gentleman pictured at right is a different Cuban bandleader (but you knew that, didnt' you?)

Next up, Mama Chirichella's favorite singer Perry Como performing his 1954 top 10 hit Papa Loves Mambo

Now we journey to sunny Italy for Mambo Italiano. First we have popular Italian Bandleader Renato Carosone performing the original Italian version of the song in 1954 (which he co-wrote).

The most popular version of the song was performed by Rosemary Clooney (also 1954):

Not to be outdone, Dean Martin had his own version:

In closing, we visit the year 1999 where Lou Bega had a smash hit with Mambo No. 5.

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