Friday, May 30, 2008

If You Had To Pick, Part 2

Guys and Other Animals

Bald Is Beautiful, Baby

Yul or Telly?

Lads From Across The Pond

Beatles or Stones?

British Butlers

Mr. Belvedere or Mr. French?


Munster or Walton?

Lovable Scamps

The Beav or Dennis?

Three Faces of Mike

Little Joe, Charles Ingalls or Jonathan Smith?

Hi, Neighbor

Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers?

Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye

Belushi or Candy?

Odd Couple

Oscar or Felix?

My Favorite Uncle

Martin, Bill or Charlie?

Bullwhip Or Blaster?

Indy or Han?

Two Bonds

Sean or Roger?

Father Did Know Best

Fred MacMurray or Robert Young?


Lou or Arnold?

At The Helm

Kirk or Picard?

California Boys

Dylan or Brandon?

Crusty Old Codgers

Gabby Hayes or Walter Brennan?

Faithful Indian Companions

Tonto or Mingo?


Trigger, Mr. Ed or Silver?

Man's Best Friend

Lassie, Benjie, or Rin Tin Tin?

Intelligent Automobiles

Herbie, My Mother the Car or K.I.T.T.?


  1. michael salzmannJune 3, 2008 at 4:26 PM

    If I am not too deranged I think I recall some brush with greatness story involving you and either Mr Green Jeans or the Captain himself. This may simply be years of tequila abuse talking but I believe I am correct in this recollection. You should share this with your faithful viewers. And lets be clear on one important matter here in regards o the uncles - - how could there be ANY other then Uncle Beel ? Lovable moppets Buffy and Jody with their colorful pets,inexplicably creepy doll Mrs. Beasley and inexplicably hot old sister Sissy ? Come on son, what could be finer.Don't forget Sebastian Cabot who is the dean of People Famous for Being Famous University with his spooky mannerisms and condescending British arrogance. Add in perpetually angry Uncle Beel who was quite clearly NOT happy to have been taken from bachelordom to the pinacles of Daddy heaven and you have something too precious for words.

    Then of course there was the episode where Sissy goes clothing optional. Of course that too may be a relic of my tequila addled brain ...

  2. Alas, I can't claim the Mr. Green jeans brush with greatness as my own. It was a friend of mine who says he ran into him (aka Lumpy Barnum) on a Long Island Railroad train sometime in the late 60's or early 70's. Of course this is the same friend who claims to have urinated next to Ed MacMahon in a restaurant in New York City and also to have had a conversation with an inebriated Jason Robards in a dive bar in Freeport Long Island where the famous thespian told him that Caesar Romero had the largest penis in Hollywood.

    I agree Mr. French was always slightly sinister. I'm excited to report that I just discovered the existence of an album Sebastian Cabot recorded titled "Sebastian Cabot, Actor/Bob Dylan, Poet" featuring spoken recitations of Dylan's songs. I am going to track this down as it's surely worthy of it's own blog.

  3. (Slapping forehead) "D'oh!" How could I have forgotten Uncle Fester!