Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Cartoons - Michael Jackson Memorial Edition


  1. Do you have a cartoon version of the Pepsi commercial flaming hair video ? Cynical bastard that I am ( no really, sometimes I can be a tad cynical ...) and thought I thought he was fiercely talented and very unique, I am SO SICK of the constant adulation and fawning that I have lost it. Even the mainstream press have become sycophants. It's enough to make you wanna scream. Even BBC news is all over this story. My cranky boss said it best " It's not like Jesus died again for fucks sake "

    Cranky, but wise ...

  2. I agree. I liked the Jackson 5 and Michael's solo outings through the 80's. He was definitely the King of Pop back then (but not THE King - there's only one Elvis). Unfortunately it became increasingly difficult for me to separate the artist from the man. The Media Beast needs to be fed but I didn't expect the orgy of coverage that's taken place.

    That being said, I have to admit that my wife did enter the online drawing for tickets to attend the public viewing of MJ's body. I don't think she won...