Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's Birthdays (and How to Celebrate Them)

M.C. Escher
Dutch graphic artist (1898 -1972)

Walk sideways down a flight of stairs.

Barry Manilow

Ultimate 1970's singer/songwriter (born 1943)

Sing along to this video of Barry performing his 1978 hit Copacabana (bonus points if you wear a white sequined jump suit while doing so).


  1. do I get even more points if I walk sideways wearing a hat while doing it?

  2. Always trying to kick down that closet door aren't you ??

  3. Joe - I'm a big fan of hats (comes with being the retro kind of guy that I am) so you'll always get extra points for them.

    Bic- what exactly are you implying? (I swear those rumors about me being infatuated with John Barrowman are NOT true!)

  4. Everyone knows that in private you insist on being called " Miss Liza" - - this choice of posting only proves it...