Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Greg Brady!

Barry Williams turns 54 today. 54!

This reminds me of my wife's infatuation with Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady). I guess if I can be in love with Marcia, she can have Peter.


  1. I felt the need to make some comment about your "Peter" remark, but I'll be darned if I can think of anything to say...

  2. When Barry Williams was on tour many many years ago he came to BCC and the missus and I attended. He tried to impress the crowds with his Brady stories as well as his versatility after being in Pirates of Penzance ( Wow ! You mean you really replaced Christopher Atkins in the lead ? He is like, the Olivier of our generation dude ! That's TOTALLY awesome ! ).
    Anyway he had pictures and stuff he would autograph and I was goaded into getting one that I have somewhere that says " Bic - keep on rocking, Love Barry Williams".
    I am not sure why Barry knew or thought that I was a rocker but damnit, I was in the presence of a legend ! I should have brought my picture of Marcia - - HE could have validated it as authentic !

  3. Dude! I am so jealous. All I have is an autographed copy of Barry's bio - "Growing Up Brady" but he didn't write anything like "Keep on rocking" and he certainly didn't profess his love for me.

    As for Marcia - give it up - as much as I want to believe there exist naked photos of her it's just a myth- like the Easter Bunny or Compasionate Conservatives