Friday, September 19, 2008

There's U. S. Law and then there's Alaska...

I'm not a lawyer (although I play one on TV) so I'm not exactly certain what the legal ramification of being served a subpoena is, but I'm almost certain you're not supposed to ignore it. I mean, it's not like an unwanted (and unneeded) Viagra offer that turns up in your email inbox one day; you can't just disregard it, can you? At least I don't think you can in the United States of America. Apparently in the Frontier Justice world of Alaskan Jurisprudence, not only is it perfectly acceptable to ignore a subpoena, its proper form to announce it to the world (or have the Republican Party's Presidential Campaign spokesman announce it for you). Not only that, but Alaska's Attorney General said that state employees won't honor the subpoenas either. Hmmm...I was always under the impression that the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the government. Apparently not in Alaska. Or in the Bush Administration either for that matter. It seems to me that the flagrant disregard for the law which has permeated the Bush Administration has oozed into the McCain Campaign. Is that what they mean by "trickle down"?

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