Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Today is September 2, 2008. Yesterday was Labor Day. White should not be worn until after Memorial Day. This reminder is brought to you by the National Fashion Council. You have been warned.

Thank you.


  1. I have spent the better part of a week in bed with the fun combo of a bad back and Pneumonia/Bronchitis. This was shared by my children and has made it's way systematically through the household. Now that it has ended ( or at least slowed it's march through our respiratory tracts ) I am ctaching up on important stuff at work and needed a break so i checked into Blogland only to find a bunch of new MSC musings. Wunnderful stuff! I would sing your praises if not for the fact that 1) my respiratory tract will not support singing,even in a metaphorical sense and 2) I am too much taken with glee and delight by your misery. you think that finding out a pic of Ike Turner and Jerry Lewis is fake is sad???? Try that with Marcia Brady buddy !!! HOW DOES IT FEEL ?? BWAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!

    Of course I imagine the telethon would have been WAAAAAY cooler if Ike and his ho's had been one of the early morning acts. The threat of some giant coked out minority man threatening to slap people up if they didn't make telethon contributions might have made the telethon a whole different experience.

    Then again I am wearing a white tee shirt at present on September 02 so what do I know ???


  2. Sorry you and everyone else haven't been feeling well.

    As for Marcia Brady - at least that's a better fake than the Jerry/Ike one was.

    Regarding white TShirts - I think they're exempt from the rule so you're probably safe.

  3. one would hope that white t-shirts are exempt-- hard to have wet t-shirt contests otherwise...

  4. Wet t-shirt contests are acceptable anytime of year!

  5. i'm in England, so wearing white's just not a good idea any time of the year. we have lousy weather, and our rain's dirty. proper dirty. so, what's the deal with not wearing white until after Memorial Day, then? is that, like, a mourning thing?

    btw: this is a genuine question, not me being sarky, which, i'll admit, i generally tend to be.

  6. I'm a big fan of snarkiness so no worries. I have no idea what the origin of "no white before memorial day or after labor day" is. I did an internet search and there are various origins but I don't know what's the real one (if any of them are).